sex toys for couplesPlaying is always more fun between two … or more. Yes, there is an activity that we love is sex, that moment in which you have the person you want, that moment when you think that nothing can be better, but … Yes. Sex in a couple can be even more exciting, but for that Trust and communication is important.

Add to your intimate moments a sex toy can be the key to exponentially increase pleasure and fun, whether to warm up, raise excitement, make a fantasy, turn the experience around or make the moment more rewarding. A product designed for you and your partner.

If you already enjoyed the joy of a sex toy individually, take the next step and share a fun moment with your partner. If you still do not experience, this is the time to venture into the hands of that special person. If you have doubts about what the indicated product may be for the experience you are looking for, in Eloise, your trusted sex shop, we will help you find the answer with this guide.

A toy for every experience

The first step is to talk with your partner and express your desire to implement a sex toy. Be clear and leave aside the hints that are not always understandable to everyone. Together they can decide what kind of experience they want to live and what is the ideal toy.

sex toys

Types of toys

Vibrators and dildos.- These toys are usually thought of in the individual game, however it is possible to use them also in pairs, either in the previous games to go up the temperature or even during sex for a double penetration in girls or a anal stimulation for men.

There are different models and designs but some of our favorites are the mini Candy vibrator, ideal for pre-game because it has ideal tentacles to massage clitoris and nipples. Another alterative is an Immortal point G vibrator or a realistic G Girl dildo. However, the alternatives in this category is very broad, found in Eloise the ideal.

Couples vibrators.- They are the jewels of the crown in terms of sex as a couple, they are designed to stimulate men and women during penetration, providing vibrations to both and in different areas such as penis, clitoris and vaginal walls. Its design is ergonomically created to use in that intimate moment. Within the range of these toys there are some that go beyond and you can use them for long distance pair games, as is the case of We Vibe Sync with remote control of 3m distance and an app that allows you to control it from anywhere in the world. world where you have Wifi connection. If you are looking for something less sophisticated, then you can experiment with the Partner Plus.

best sex toys for couples

Vibrating bullets.- Its small size is ideal to stimulate different erogenous zones of both men and women, making these toys ideal for heating engines. Massage the clitoris, perineum, nipples and even the neck and back. The vibrating bullets with wire control are ideal for use during sex and stimulate G-spot and vaginal walls at the time of penetration.

We recommend the Persist X with 10 vibrating functions, it is powerful and extremely pleasant.

Anal Plugs. — These toys can be ideal for the previous games, especially if you prepare for an anal sex session since you can use them to begin the dilation of the zone and to prepare the penetration. You can also use it for a double penetration or there are even some ornamental models to fulfill fantasies, such as plugs with crystals that simulate jewels in the head or those of animal tails. We recommend the Mini Luv Joya Plug or the Jovial 2 Kit.

Arneses.- The ideal toy for daring couples who seek to experience a game of changing roles and lesbian relationships. It consists of a dildo that is adapted either by straps or other mechanisms to the active part so that it penetrates the passive part. There are different variants of this toy, from those with a hollow dildo and are recommended for men with erectile dysfunction, to some that do not include straps and are able to vaginally stimulate women who take the active role and their partner with the opposite end. If you are looking for an experience of this type we recommend the sharevibe harness.

Vibrating and containment rings.- These toys are similar, they are small hares that fit the base of the penis, the containment rings retain the blood inside the member helping to maintain firm erections and delay ejaculation. While vibratory rings can fulfill many designs with this same function, but also add a vibrating bullet to stimulate the clitoris, there are even models with 2 bullets to also stimulate the perineum in the case of boys. There is a great diversity of models, functionalities and designs of these toys, if you want to experiment with them you can start with a Neon Rabbit Vibrating Ring.

best sex toys

Covers and extensions.- This toy is another option to make sex more pleasant and revitalize those sessions as a couple. These toys cover the penis and its design is textured for a more pleasurable penetration that stimulates the vaginal walls. Some cases also serve as extensions for penis, adding up to 5 cm in size to reach a deeper penetration. Eloise recommends a translucent black Adonis penis and extension case.

Costumes.- Ideal to enhance your fantasies, perhaps many people do not define these items as toys but they are undoubtedly useful for exciting erotic games. Adopt any personality and let your imagination fly. There are several options, from a provocative police officer to a sensual wild cat.

Accessories bondage.- Speaking of fantasies, bondages is one of the most recurrent and exciting. That game in which you can exercise domination and submission with your partner and take out your wildest instinct to achieve intense orgasms. In this type of practice you can enjoy masks, whips, handcuffs and much more. To get started in this type of practice we recommend a Fetish Fantasy Ultimate Bondage Kit.

Now you know the essential toys to enjoy as a couple, talk to her and decide on the best alternative for you. Visit the couple’s toys section that Eloise has for you and check our blog for all the guides we have to improve your sex life.


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